EX_escapeExeter Job Corps Center students in the Reading class and Security class came together to solve an Escape Room mystery.

The students were split into two groups, Team A and Team B. While one group was trying to crack the code to escape the room, the other students learned handcuffing and fingerprinting techniques used in the security trade.

The goal of the escape room was to find a stolen piece of art that had been hidden somewhere in the room. The students needed to use their sleuthing skills to search for clues. They also needed their comprehension skills to interpret clues in the form of puzzles, riddles, pictures, and codes.

While both teams had a great time and did exceptionally well, Team B took home bragging rights by finishing the fastest! Congratulations to the students on Team B: Caroline Contreras, Violet Barboza, Jenna Mowrey, Brewtus Mowrey, Billy Mongillo, Carmen Ramirez, Eli, Foss,
and Aaron Moreira.

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