Through the use of our “Every Student Counts” philosophy, Adams’ Job Corps Centers have demonstrated significant and consistent performance.

For the last 7 Program Years, we have been the most effective multi-Center operator in Job Corps,
ranking #1 among large Job Corps operators.

The U.S. Department of Labor tracks, rates and ranks the performance of all Job Corps contracts based on student outcomes and benefits, utilizing an Outcome Measurement System (OMS). The OMS accumulates and reports student data to include a variety of student outcomes (e.g. High School Diploma and GED success rates, reading and math skill gains, vocational training completion, graduate placement rates, wage rates, job retention etc.).

The Department of Labor establishes program goals and individual Center goals for each outcome criteria and rates Center performance compared to goal. Goals are established and tracked on a Program Year basis (July 1 – June 30). Based upon performance outcomes, the current 125 Centers are ranked #1 best to #125 worst.

Over the past 7 Program Years, Adams and Associates consistently outperformed the national average and was ranked the highest performing operator.