Job Corps offers a wealth of resources that benefit students while they complete their vocational training. These free resources range from academic training to daily living amenities to services that students will continue to receive after they graduate from the program. Students will be provided everything they need to succeed in life after Job Corps.

The following is a list of significant benefits students can expect while enrolled:

Student Benefits

  • Academic Opportunities (High School Diploma & High School Equivalency): The opportunity to obtain a High School Diploma, GED or other High School Equivalency. We provide additional math and reading assistance to students who require it to obtain their academic credential.
  • Room and Board: Dormitories with bathrooms, showers, laundry facilities, TV rooms, lounges and vending machines. Three free meals each day and a hot snack in the evening.
  • Medical and Dental Care: Wellness Center for 24-hour emergency services, as well as free basic medical, dental and eye care.
  • Recreational Activities/Field Trips: We reward good behavior with social events such as dances, movie nights, and trips to museums, parks and sporting events.
  • Spending Money: A living allowance twice a month.
  • Real World Work Experience: On-the-job training through work at actual job sites with real job assignments.
  • Graduation Bonus: Graduates receive a transition allowance of $1,000 to assist with housing and transportation needs.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Career counseling and job placement assistance for up to 12 months after separation from the Job Corps program.

As part of our supplemental training, we will provide a variety of programs to supplement students’ academic and vocational training. These programs better prepare students for the next stage in their careers.

Supplemental Programs

  • Counseling: A Counselor that remains with students throughout their time in Job Corps and is available to talk and help them success in Job Corps.
  • Tutoring: One-on-one and group sessions to help students with math and reading.
  • ELL (English Language Learner): Online and class instruction on basic English and reading for students whose primary language is other than English.
  • Leadership: Student Government Association and other programs that teach students leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Driver’s Education: Instruction that meets state requirements and results in a Driver’s License.
  • Community College: Opportunities for qualified and motivated students to attend college courses while living at the Job Corps Center.