What to Expect During the Application Process

  1. After you contact Job Corps, you will be contacted by an Admissions Counselor who will provide enrollment information.
  2. You will be provided a date for an Information Session. This is an informal review of the Job Corps program but it will provide important information for what you can expect from the program.
  3. After the Information Session, you will be provided a date for a Center Tour. We encourage everyone to take this tour so they can get a feel for the Center and meet the Center’s staff. Please dress professionally since this will be the first impression you will make on Center staff.
  4. You will be asked to complete a Student Information Sheet before your tour. This information will allow the Center staff to follow-up after the tour to help you prepare for Job Corps and Center life.
  5. During your tour, a member of the Center staff will meet with you to address any preparedness issues, concerns and questions you may have about Job Corps.
  6. You will be provided a date for your formal one-on-one interview with an assigned Admissions Counselor once you have obtained ALL required documentation for enrollment.
  7. Dress professionally for your formal interview. You will be asked to accurately fill out all admissions forms and to comply with all program expectations. You will discuss vocational training and academic program options with your Admissions Counselor. The Admissions Counselor will go over anything else you need to know before arrival and answer any of your questions.
  8. Your completed application will go to the Center to schedule a start date. If the Center has any follow-up questions, a Center representative will contact you.
  9. You will be provided with an arrival date within 1 month from the date the Center receives your application. Travel information will be discussed prior to your departure to your assigned Center.

What to Expect for Your First Day(s) on Center

Students typically arrive on campus on Tuesday afternoons. The following are activities conducted to make you feel welcomed and get used to the life on Center.

  1. Student Peer Leaders will assist you throughout your first week on Center.
  2. You will meet many staff members on your first day and throughout the first week, some whom you may have met during your tour or interview process. Be polite to everyone you meet and pay attention to their roles and responsibilities because they will all be related to your success.
  3. Be prepared to stop at the Welcome Center for a search and luggage check. You will have your picture taken for your student ID card.  ID cards must be worn visibly and daily.
  4. Listen carefully during discussions and presentations on Center policies and expectations. Review your Student Handbook.
  5. You will receive your dorm assignment on the first day. Pay close attention to all dorm expectations and safety requirements. Ask if you need clarification of any rule.
  6. Have fun at the Welcome Social and be prepared to introduce yourself to staff and other new students attending the Welcome Social. You are all in this together.
  7. Give accurate and complete information to your Counselor during your initial one-on-one meeting. This information will help your Counselor determine how to best support your success in Job Corps.


  • Don’t bring expensive video and audio equipment, computers and similar items. Do bring personal care and grooming items.
  • Do not bring large amounts of cash.
  • Be polite and attentive when meeting your Student Peer Leaders. They will help you learn your way around the Center so feel free to ask them questions.