Flint Genesee Graduate Completes Detroit Police Academy

FG_breanalaurentFlint Genesee Job Corps Center graduate Breana Laurent has completed the Detroit Police Academy and officially joined the department.

Breana came to Flint in 2014 when she was 16 and needed to complete her high school diploma. She completed the Retail Sales trade and then petitioned […]

Flint Genesee Hosts Elga Credit Union

FG_elgacreditFlint Genesee Job Corps Center Office Administration students visited the newest Elga Credit Union branch in downtown Flint, MI.

Branch Manager Jay McDaniel graciously hosted the group. McDaniel is a Flint native and has close ties to the Center since his brother is a successful Center graduate. […]

Flint Genesee Showcases Service at Cesar Chavez Life and Legacy Celebration Luncheon

FG_chavez2Flint Genesee Job Corps Culinary students were asked to serve at the Flint Farmers Market for the Cesar Chavez Life and Legacy Celebration Luncheon.

The students use the event as an opportunity to learn more about other cultures and their views on America, as the practiced their […]

Flint Genesee Prepares Office Administration Students with Center Tasks

FG_oa2Flint/Genesee Job Corps Center Office Administration students receive experience from a variety of sources.

In the classroom, student learn to use computers, keyboard, answer phones, take message, make copies, scan documents, fax documents and perform other office duties. They reinforce their skills through hands-on activities that […]

Flint/Genesee Prepares for Internship with Genesee County

FG_johngleason2A group of Flint/Genesee Office Job Corps Center Administration students visited the Genesee County Clerk’s Office, courthouse and jail.

The visit is a prelude to an upcoming internship with the clerk’s office. County Clerk/Register John Gleason took two hours out of his busy schedule to lead the […]

Flint/Genesee Gives Back to Federal Workers

FG_fedsFlint/Genesee Job Corps Center students donated their time to a Spaghetti Dinner for federal workers that were still feeling the lingering effects of the U.S. Government shutdown.

Among those impacted by the shutdown, which lasted 35 days from December through January, were Transportation Security Administration workers. Many of […]