Treasure Island Energizes Students with Electrical Olympics

TI_electricolympics4Last Friday, those at Treasure Island Job Corps Center may have had a sudden urge to light a torch, look for doves flying, or wear 5 different colored rings.

If they did, they were probably subconsciously or consciously tuning in to the Electrical students participating in […]

Treasure Island Grad Steers Culinary Skills into Navy Position

TI_robertgagnonTreasure Island Job Corps Center graduate Robert Gagnon shipped off to Navy boot camp after his graduation on June 27.

Robert was an outstanding Advanced Culinary student who embraced all six courses, learning as much as possible in each class and excelled in Front of the House […]

Treasure Island’s West Success Story

TI_yuminliTreasure Island Job Corps Center student Yumin “Charles” Li, is the Center’s 3 West Success Story.

He started the program August 6, 2018 with a very low English proficiency level. In just shy of a year later he is communicating very well, and at times has acted […]

Treasure Island Construction Ramps Up Collaboration

TI_ramp2Treasure Island Job Corps Center Carpentry and Cement Mason trades completed a ramp to the new main entrance of the dorms.

Carpentry students, with collaboration from the Cement Mason students, worked on a 7-yard concrete pour. Due to the large amount of concrete, a cement truck was […]

Treasure Island Grad Finds Mersea in His Trade

TI_demarlintonTreasure Island Job Corps Center graduate Demar Linton is cooking up success with Mersea and The Pacific.

His Culinary journey started at Bronx Job Corps Center, where he studied basic culinary. Due to his outstanding performance in the kitchen and in the community, he was accepted […]

Treasure Island Goes Along for the Ride on Bike to Work Day

TI_bikeTreasure Island Job Corps Center Office Administration Instructor Mike Hoey hoped to grease the wheels on sustainable transportation with his bike ride across the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Mr. Hoey braved traffic and construction as he participated in Bike to Work Day. Some students spotted him […]

Treasure Island Represents with U.S. Representative Barbara Lee

TI_montemaurice3Treasure Island Job Corps Center Office Administration student Monte Brown is the new intern at Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s District office.

Through hard work and amazing interview skills, Monte impressed Rep. Lee’s staff. Monte will learn how to interact with constituents on a variety of issues from parking tickets […]

Treasure Island Graduate Shows Passion for Planned Parenthood

TI_alexisgregoryTreasure Island Job Corps Center graduate Alexis Gregory is working full time as a Reproductive Health Specialist II for Planned Parenthood, making $17.25 per hour.

Alexis, a Certified Medical Assistant graduate, was hired after completing a 5-week paid internship. Alexis enjoys learning how to assist her […]

Treasure Island Security Students Receive a Superior Training at San Francisco’s Superior Courthouse

TI_courthouseTreasure Island Job Corps Center’s Security class was invited to San Francisco’s Superior Courthouse to learn more about the criminal justice system and how their trade works hand in hand with law enforcement.

The Security class was invited to the courthouse by Assistant District Attorney Tom, Ostly […]

Treasure Island Medical Student Works Magic at Front Desk

TI_riannawyattUpon entering Treasure Island Job Corps Center’s Administration Building, guests will find Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA) Rianna Wyatt, smiling behind the Front Desk.

Her professional demeanor and positive attitude greets all visitors and sets the tone for their time on Center. Rianna was assigned to Work-Based Learning […]